Hear what customers are saying about Latherati...

~ I absolutely love everything I buy from Julie! They all smell so wonderful and they feel great on your skin too! Will always be a repeat customer of hers! ~ Love the scent and it feels great on the lips. Thank you!

~  It's (Body Cream) lovely--soaked right into my skin and left it soft and smelling wonderful. The packaging is as beautiful as what's inside.  

~ Love this, just like always, but I love it's new form. (Body Cream):) It isn't too thick and leaves my skin feeling silky and smelling great.

~ I love this (Avarice) fragrance. For me, it's a very wearable and sophisticated scent that smells fresh all day. And the extra plus is- even my incredibly picky and scent (overly)sensitive boyfriend loves it!
~ Wonderful, this (Curiouser) smells exactly like Alice in Wonderland to me. A very yummy scent.

~ This was my first time trying dry oil body spray and I love it! It soaks right in, leaving your skin lightly moisturized and very soft. Not to mention smelling wonderful!

~ FABULOUS scent! I'm a sucker for anything patchouli, but this blend is simply gorgeous! (Avarice)

~ OMG I want to eat this (Ciento). I should have just gotten the matching lip balm, I KNEW it! (Ciento)

~ This (Dairymaid Body Lotion) reminds me of dulce de leche with a touch of buttercream... almost like brown butter. I love it... Feels good and smooth on the skin

~ I LOVE it! I have been searching for a dry oil spray for a while that has the right balance of dry vs oil. Leaves my skin soft and smells wonderful. Thank you! Jillian

~ ...and what a gorgeous scent it is!! (Limited Edition Secrets). I also received Longbourn lip luster, which smells like a yummy lemon meringue. And Gloom is a nag champa lovers dream.. absolutely wonderful!! I'm so glad to have finally tried Julie's products -- they are exquisite and her customer service is wonderful!

~ I think I'm in love with this (Celebration) lotion, it smells amazing! Thank you!

~  Smells DIVINE! Exactly like I expected it to. :) And the staying power is awesome. I put this on in the evening and I could smell it the next morning after my shower. Even though it's an oil, my skin absorbed it really quickly, and left no greasy residue. (Queen Bee dry oil)

~ Fabulous and delicious smell! Sweetly creamy with a hint of caramel-you will want to lick yourself! The dry oil is lovely-feels wonderful-not at all greasy (Dairymaid dry oil)

~ You will want to lick yourself all over after using this! (Dairymaid) Sweetly creamy and delicate with a hint of caramel-delicious!

~ Love this scent! (Orchard) Not as sweet as some of the fall scents, which make it more wearable! Crisp and clean, apple-y with some spice-light and wonderful.

~ This (Gloom) smells fabulous! Dark and incensy-is feels great going on too! Your skin feels lovely and soft. You hippy chicks will love this!

~ Light and lovely fragrance. Does seem like something Elizabeth might have worn. (Longbourn)

~ By far my favorite of all the products I purchased! My first time using a dry oil spray! I am hooked! Thanks!

~ Love it!! Tara lotion leaves my skin silky and soft. It smells just like a Southern afternoon!! Makes me want to sit out on the front porch with a big ole glass of sweet tea and a good book (like Gone With the Wind)!!!!!

~ What a great way to try a bunch of soaps without commitment! They're the perfect size for handsoap in the guest bathroom, too! (BookEndz)

~ This was a fun and suprising mix of sample sized soaps.......all of the scents are awesome and the soap is so bubbly!!! (BookEndz)

~ Smells amazing! My new favorite lip stuff. Perfect formula. (Beguile)

~ I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! (Sinister) I just got it today and the smell is fantastic! I am a total lush junkie, and this is definitely much better then any of the perfume I have purchased from them! At first it is very minty, but once I put it on in settled into a warm scent I smell vanilla, mint chocolate? maybe a little licorice, great Fall fragrance! All I know is you have a lifetime customer :) Thanks so much!!!! Now I will have to look and see what other products you have in this scent :)